If You Leave

Gay travelIf you will surprise me with a sad goodbye, please do not think that I will feel depressed and lifeless.

I will be very well.

I will never ever even ask you why.

I will be brave enough to let the freaking reasons pass by.

Instead, I will show you how proud I am of you for finally ending everything  with a not-so-surprising goodbye.

It won’t hurt me that much because while we were together, there were days that you gave me many hints that you would soon leave, but I did not confront you because I still have faith in you — I still wanted us to last longer.

But from that moment on, I have perceived that you will be out of my life on a particular day.

That day is today. 

Quite unexpected and shocking.

But I know that my future days without you will be beautiful.

As I will not have to think about you leaving because you already left.

Yes, you will probably break my heart, but for sure it will just be today.

And if you bid goodbye just like that, I will also move on just like that.

I will stalk your social media accounts and review our old pictures in our favorite places.

I will reread the love letters you sent me.

I will remember all our good memories.

I will forget the genuine love that I have given to you.

I will unloosen all my feelings for you because it’s possible.

And guess what?

I will do all of them in one day.

It sounds tiring, but I will do it anyway — just to be fair with you.

I hope it’s okay.

So the next days will be about myself…

I will be selfish.

I will do all things which will remind me that I’m always worth it.

And I will see all the people who think that I’m really worth fighting for.

I hope you do the same and do not miss me.


— Said someone who has never been hurt that much, who thinks moving on is very easy as making someone happy, that our loved ones will come and then just go, and that getting your heart broken is a damn choice.


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