To The Girl Who Chose to Be Away

_DSC0054The last time I saw you if I did, I think I just gave you a hug as I did not find the right words to say and the appropriate feeling to show.

I think I even forgot to say that I’m so proud of you for taking the big leap.

I’m happy because I know good things are coming for you, better doors will open, and more lessons will be learned along the way.

You see, it takes courage to leave the country away from your friends or families to start a new life.

It takes patience to embrace a crazy season and timezone.

It takes some time to adjust to another culture.

It takes guts to work with other nationalities.

It takes a lot of effort to leave your comfort zone, your home.

And you know, the hardest part for me, is you missing the Philippines, everything about it – your old-self, the love that you have given, and the beautiful memories you can’t dare to forget.

Sometimes, I want to fill in your shoes and really know what is like.

I hope I can take and make it. 

It will be beautiful.



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