Bye Back-to-Reality Syndrome

in my own atlas gay pinoyBack to reality – a vague expression I have overused. I have said it after my day off, after the weekend, a vacation, a party, and when I wake up and face the next day of my life.

I know that I am not alone. I have heard it randomly from people too.

I did not feel the need to be back to the daily and usual grind and be like everyone else.It’s sad that after many wonderful things I always ended up with the thought that I had to go back to my normal life after.

I got used to it, as I kept doing the things which take me away from the reality that I have known ever since.

Working in an office six days a week, and waiting for my next one day off and break(s) to come was dreadful.

It was not a life full of negativity, but I felt like I always need to stay away from living it. It was the kind of lifestyle that I couldn’t imagine to be living the same way again.

So, I made up my mind and just created a life that I don’t need to escape from.

It was a test of my courage and a review of all things I have learned.

Now, I have a life that I do not need to forcefully ask my inner self to go back to.

Is this the life everyone wants to live?

Of course, no.

Do I still have problems?

Unfortunately, yes.

Am I seeking for approval?

Hell, no.

There are even days when I feel sad, uninspired, and too hard on myself.

I just breathe deeply and the negative feelings are gone.

There’s no perfect life but I just constantly remind myself that I don’t need to live like everyone else.

Currently, I am living my own ideal life. The one defined by my inner soul with no limits, no exact hashtags, and no standards. I am not expecting a lot of things for now to happen, but I am the best version of myself: happier, more adventurous, and gutsy.

I have waited for this. This life is such a big adventure!

Literally, I don’t want this to end.

I just do some minor twists and changes on something, but this is the best reality that I got hooked up to.

I realized that I am the best life guide for myself.

I just need to be happy and to be able to live up with my own decisions and choices.

After all, I find it exciting to challenge my whole being to pursue my grandeur plans.

To my passport,

I’m still patiently waiting for you to bring home the good news.

For the meantime, I will enjoy the moments that I will be surely missing, soon.




14 thoughts on “Bye Back-to-Reality Syndrome”

  1. Heyy! Take life one step at a time! It’s okay to not be sure of the future. Just live in the moment! I hope you get to travel soon! There’s a great, big world out there outside of your bubble!

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    1. Hi Yrwin! Many thanks for your kind words! Yes, currently I’m still financing my sisters education after her university graduation next year! I’ll pack my bag and then just go!


  2. Hello there my fellow cebuano 😉 hopefully i’d get to meet you and we could travel together in the future.. don’t stress too much with life, live and enjoy. It’s a big world out there, one step at a time. Safe travels to you! ❤

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    1. Hey there! As much as possible I do that but there are days wherein I am just stuck with the culture I’m. Yeah I also look forward to meet and travel with you soon! Salamat 🙂


  3. I think you are wearing my floral polo. HAHAHAHA! This is such a great piece, Mike! So much different from the others. Write more of your experiences and I promise you, you will be unstoppable. Writing will not be difficult for you because you started offering the world with your best, lonely, individual truth. Love you! I hope to see you before I leave!

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    1. Probably the last photo of me wearing your floral photo at the beach! Trisha, thanks for your kind words! Will always treasure our fun moments in Cebu. Love you too, virtually and personally. Hope to see you too. Make sure to share your TED talk video! Excited here.


  4. I have experienced this for 2 months after I resigned from my previous work, this total freedom of not having a schedule, not waiting for Fridays, not dreading Mondays, not worrying about where I go because tomorrow I have work. It is such a fun experience and the most happy I’ve ever in years. But now I am counting the days to go back to work. Not excited about it but I don’t want to be ungrateful because I will be given a chance to earn again. Maybe in 6 months I’d find a job or another source of income that would allow me to live the kind of life that I want. For now, I am happy to see people like you who are living the dream. Here’s to more adventures.


    1. Hi Marge, thanks for your comment! I’m really happy that you felt what I felt way back. At the end of the day, all we need is to be happy to have that life. Ugh, I feel the same when I read exciting things from other people it makes me feel alive more and more. I wish you all the best!


  5. We all experience the same or feel the same. I left corporate world but i left on a different reason. I’m sure in the future, all will be ok. This is a good read.


  6. I envy you, beautiful writing! I think we can all relate to this dilemma “back to reality”. Life can get pretty monotonous…we all pretty much do the same thing everyday 5 days a week and that’s when it gets boring to me. Sometimes we need a break from the boring and monotonous pattern of life. And that’s when we seek adventure…

    Thank you for this lovely blog


    1. Hi Suzanne, please don’t envy anything about my writing style. There’s nothing pretty about it at all. All I have is honesty there. Thanks for you kind words! Hope to meet you soon! 🙂


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