Why I Am Virtually Shy

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I wanted to pursue blogging a few years ago. I know that I had inspiring or good stories to tell. It’s not overconfidence, but it is fueling my own spirit.

I had few blogs and wasted a lot of my time creating posts before and never share them with people (or maybe close friends). I just deleted all the posts. I didn’t know what is going on with me in those times. I was too conscious about the internet and forgot the trust I had given to myself. It became a habit for a long time.

Creating blogs and just delete them – for no good reasons. Wasn’t it a waste of ideas and photoshop skills? It was really weird and I was not just as confident today about myself. At some point, I asked myself: Why are you virtually shy?

I had so many insecurities about sharing things over the internet. It’s not my kind of game to talk about my life because I find it so narcissistic. But someone is calling me, I will trust my instincts. Now my life has changed, so does are my perspectives. I have learned that I just don’t have to worry that much. In that way, I will live a happier and a free life doing the things what I love the most.

Thank you, April 2016 for giving me the best time to finally make me realize how to overcome my own issues. After meeting up with the awesome Trisha Belarmino of  PS I’m On My Way, there was a positive shift in my mind. No, we did not talk about it. My change of thoughts came out naturally after seeing her. Thank you, Trish.

So here are the reasons why I am not really confident to share my thoughts online before. The reasons are really honest. They are not filtered with fake emotions.

Only the rich people deserve to blog.

I don’t have anything. I am poor. I live in a house which is still waiting to be fixed and renovated. I have no money. My clothes are mostly from thrift stores. I eat ordinary foods. I don’t have a car. I am struggling. I don’t have the latest phones. I haven’t been abroad. I had my first plane ride last 2014. Too many insecurities back then, I couldn’t even imagine. I had this mentality that when rich people blog they will not look over acting, overrated, trying hard, and frustrated for others. Simply, because they have it all. Blogging is for the rich. One my craziest idea ever. They have a lot of followers too, who are mostly poor (if not all) and envious of their lavish lifestyle, travels, and fame. I have nothing against them. I am just being honest. I mean, who will follow a poor-bloggers’ blog? Who will be envious of a poor life? But please, don’t get me wrong, most people with good creative taste are young and poor.

I just had to let go of the fact that people will say that I am trying hard, overacting, and a frustrated blogger. They will not let me grow.

A good point to remember though that blogging is for everyone. There are no standards and requirements.

I’m not a technical writer.

I have difficulties when to use ‘in’ and ‘on’ in a sentence. My vocabulary is very basic. I forgot what present progressive and past progressive are. I couldn’t remember what the tenses of the verb now. What a gerund, preposition, and linking verbs are. Yes, I am not confident with my writing skills. Expect some errors along my posts and in my life. I use simple words. I hate complexity. I hate writers who try too hard to make their words difficult to understand, but the meaning is so easy to forget. I don’t like it when you let someone open a dictionary just to understand a writer’s post. Or maybe, I am not just part of their market. I am a lazy reader. In the case that you can find grammatical errors in my future posts, don’t hesitate to tell me. I like to have someone teach me everything again on what coherence, parallelism, and effective communication are. Proper punctuations too, they are important.

I will keep it very simple.

No one’s going to follow my blog.

I always think about it. Do you really need followers or readers if you have a blog? And then, I was told by a good and intelligent friend that you don’t have to blog for others just do it for yourself. If you like to do something, always do it to make yourself happy. He was right and I ended up making this post.

I am gay.

Definitely, a lame reason. Here’s the deal, before I always think that I am not believable and no one will trust me when it comes to words unless we are friends. People will just make fun of me. Now, I am confident that being gay will take me to places wherein I will be happy. It will inspire me to post about it. No more dramas!

Everyone is special.

It’s never too late.

An old line, but really helpful. We can always have the new year of our lives tomorrow or the next day. I just celebrated the first day of my 2016 last April twenty-four. It feels great that there are no rules on how we start and end things. This is it, life is about choices. Make your own rules.

My name is Michael, twenty-something and yes, I am blogging (it’s not too late).



49 thoughts on “Why I Am Virtually Shy”

  1. Hi Mike,

    You are a very talented person and I believe you have a great story to tell. Writing is from the broth of our experiences. There will be some things that happened to you that didn’t happen to me, and that could be a good material for writing. Each of us are unique in our own ways and we have our own methods to share what we think — to express ourselves in our own writing style. Never will it happen that we will have the exact same material, unless we copy/paste someone else’s work.

    Your stories made me go to Siargao and now I am here. It’s because of you. I am experiencing those stories you told me. You are a very good story-teller and I am glad you are finding your way. Write, write, write. And may it end up really really beautiful.

    The force is always with you,

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    1. Hi Trish,

      Thank you much for your kind words and the important tips that you have given. I am more driven now to go for the gold. You are such an inspiration. Your style, art, and vibe are really unique. Salamat also for giving me the chance to hang out with you. It’s been almost two weeks now and watching our videos and pictures make me miss those wonderful moments. I wish you well all the time! I am looking forward seeing your story in MMK, read your book, and your future movie. Nothing is impossible.

      I must say this again, you are a quality blogger. A writer who’s not afraid to say it all. A person who appreciates the world with so much happiness. I know you want to change the world and make it a better place. So count me in! See you soon 🙂


  2. Aww. You never told me this and I never noticed that you were virtually shy asawa. Trust in your words, you don’t need to prove anything to anybody. We’re free people asawa, always are we. Miss you! 😘

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  3. I thought ako ra ang ga blog-blog nga taga Carmen ☺ Naka relate jud ko ani, we can’t really escape insecurity especially from this community where the stereotype of blogging is for rich people only. Anyway, go for it et! Just followed you, looking forward to your next posts. 😘

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  4. OMG!! We’re so the same. So much feels 😦 writing then deleting then writing again and delete again even up to now I am still shy that’s why most of my entries were of that of travel itineraries. IDK. I’m still having an issue of telling my story to the public or should I say how to tell it to them. :/


  5. The “blogging is for rich” part of your article really got me, I was raised to believe that people must be filthy rich in-order to get the best of life. That part really got me, but hey, the greatest things in life are what you make perceive it to be.


  6. The “blogging is for rich” part of your article really got me, I was raised to believe that people must be filthy rich in-order to get the best of life. That part really got me, but hey, the greatest things in life are what you make perceive it to be.


  7. First off, I am in love with the article’s photo!!!! Second, I believe you have a lot of things to say that most people, definitely including me, will find relatable. I’m happy that you decided to take blogging seriously this time despite those reasons. 🙂


  8. The funny thing is blogging does require confidence. To write about what you really feel and think especially if it’s in contrast to the general consensus, to show photos of yourself, to ask your friends and strangers to follow you and read your posts — all of these require courage of some sort. So congratulations to you and may you continue to blog to your heart’s content. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Kat! Blogging is beautiful. I think your comment will be a great inspiration for my next post! 🙂


  9. “No One’s gonna follow my Blog” is one of the things I’m also shy virtually, the feeling is mutual. but, I’m currently facing that fear and thoughts out of my system..


  10. Glad you have been inspired by Trisha’s blog to keep blogging and writing! She has inspired me to do that along with acheiving my dreams of exploring this great big world! Never be afraid to express your feelings. Blogging is a great outlet to do that!


  11. Congratulations and welcome to the blogging world! I’m glad that you were able to get over your issues and just took the leap of faith. The number one advice I give to people who want to try blogging is to just do it. The things that we worry about before starting anything, they don’t really matter once you start to get working. Goodluck on your blogging journey!


    1. Thanks for your kind words Marge! This was my first post ever. Now, I write whatever I think is beautiful for me. See you soon! 🙂


  12. It’s good that you came across the life called “blogging.” Remember, too, that you cannot please everyone so just write from whatever comes in your heart. You’re here for a reason, ate! You (we) are here to inspire others on what we and we don’t have. So just chill on and write everything your heart desires! Love love love! ❤


  13. Hey. Everything will be ok, ok? I am poor too haha but everything seems to be fine. I don’t pretend I have a lot in my blog I show that this is what I am and if you don’t like it the door is open for you to leave. Anyway, just think that its yourself you want to please and you’ll know you’re happy. 🙂


    1. Hello, Relyn. Actually, this was my first blog post. Now, I don’t care. I’m blogging because I’m loving it. I am definitely happy. 🙂

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