Please Travel With Me, Again!

It’s really important to make friends with the right people. At twenty-three, I’m just lucky to have these kinds of people around me. They inspire me to be better, to always feel good, and to accept the positive or negative changes all the time. I know it’s hard to describe our friends, words won’t suffice but all I know, for now, is the healthy feeling that they have been sharing towards me. I can’t complain as long as I have them.

Here are the ten types of friends (indeed, friends for keeps.) who are rotating in my own orbit.

The comedians

You can call them the clowns. They are the ones who are ridiculously making me happy virtually and face-to-face. They joke and laugh a lot. They simply make things funnier. The gift of comedy is innate and they don’t even try hard to be funny. I find them the most intelligent people. I mean, who would treat the world in this millennial period as a big joke? They do, I also do.

I can’t afford to lose my crazy friends.

Life without them is boring as hell.

The sun worshippers

A perfect day for them is spent at the beach. They are the beach bums and type of people who are not afraid of the sun. Sunburns are their accessory. Dry skin doesn’t irritate them anymore. They don’t feel ugly when they are tanned.

They just follow the sun because it makes them more alive and more in love with the world.

Beauty has no standard for them.

The broke ones

Wala na gyud koy kwarta (I have no money), that’s their motto (mine too). Chip-in is the magic word, just to meet both ends. The walay-car club. The jabee-nasad-ta-wa-gyuy-kausaban-pag-college-pa-until-now problem. Mag-taxi-ay-jeep-nalang-kay -mao-rang-abota issue. Too many funny stories to tell.

Don’t worry, being broke will take us somewhere (broke too).

We can still have fun without money.

The risk-takers

They know no limitations. They do everything for something. They skip from their work to apply to another company for a better future. They are the economist. They know what they are fighting for and they’d rather take the risks and don’t end up with what ifs.

They also travel as far as they can.

They come back home after, then hit the road once again.

The backpackers

Adventure seeker or whatever you call it. They are up to sleep anywhere- bus, terminals, and even in restaurants. They are not afraid to explore the road less traveled. They seek for healthy travels. They don’t just see backpacking a leisure, but a life lesson.

Sometimes they carry a bigger backpack in their heart and it’s another story to tell.

The wild ones

They don’t join all organized parties. They are not the overrated YOLO people. They don’t party that much, but when they do, they do it the hard way. They are the you-only-love-once people. They give their all in everything that they do! They are the wild ones in their own way.

Being wild is a not a bad thing, being negatively-wild is.

The positive

Imagine someone who encourages you to be positive, like telling you to wake up and then wait for some good news almost every day. A friend who honestly tells you that the right person will stay with or without your efforts. They are also that type of people who’s happy when you are having the best time of your life. When you get the promotion, when you travel, and when you are simply happy.

 The fashionable

They do not dress to impress, but to express. They wear what they like and they don’t care. Just that simple and they think differently. They wear sneakers going to a beach, a dress while biking for 14 kilometers, and sandals while cycling. Mind you, there is no wrong and right attire. This is a free country and change is coming in the fashion industry, too.

The artists

The gift of art. They see beauty in almost everything. They appreciate the little things. They are honest. Friendship for them is a blank canvass that they need to beautify.

They teach you how to be a better you.

The dreamers

They are the ones who are selfless. They dream a lot for themselves and for their family. They will do everything to reach that god damn dream by hook or by crook. A friend who is willing to be away to earn other currencies. The friend who’s willing to save up to renovate their house before backpacking long-term.

A friend who simply understands that the hard life is preparing them for a better future.

Their dreams are keeping them alive.

It’s also keeping me alive.

To my all-in friends,

You know who you are.

The past few months have been incredible.

It’s been a journey of fighting for what I truly believe in.

Wherever life may take us, I hope we stay the same.



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    Whatever happens and no matter how many humans would I meet on the road, you’ll always be my travel half 💖

    1. Whatever happens and no matter how many humans would I meet on the road, you’ll always be my travel half , too.

      1. Aw thanks asawa. 💖😘😭😭😭😭 See you sooonest!

  2. What I thought while reading this is that it’s important to have different circles of friends. I have a group of friends who are travelers, a group interested in spiritual development, a group that I can have normal chats with, a group that offers support and motivation, and so on. 🙂 I think being with different kinds of people also help you enhance your different personality traits.

    It’s nice to know that you seem to have an abundance of good friends as well.

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